BNE Testimonials PRO is an optional plugin that you can install once you activate one of our themes. It adds an easy to use post type to display testimonials anywhere on your website. Use featured images to display your reviewer’s photo or perhaps a company logo, default visual editor to craft your reviews however you like, and 2 additional custom fields that provide a tagline, such as their company name, and a website URL. (Learn More).

Three ways to showcase your testimonials

List View

The list view will display your testimonials similar to a blog role or archive. Simple and Easy. Use it anywhere.

[bne_testimonials layout=”list” post=”2″ orderby=”rand”]

Slider View

Powered by flexslider.js, display your testimonials in an elegant fading or sliding slideshow. Set the navigation controls, hide or show the featured image, slide animation all from the available shortcode options.

[bne_testimonials layout=”slider” post=”3″ orderby=”rand”]

Masonry Grid View

New display added just for our PRO version. Display your testimonials in either 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns using a Masonry / Pinterest style grid. Columns will automatically resize down based on the available screen size.

[bne_testimonials layout=”masonry” post=”6″ orderby=”rand”]


Frontend Submission Form

BNE Testimonials PRO also comes packed with a front-end submission form that allows viewers to send in their own review for your approval.

The form includes (name, message, photo, category, tagline, website and rating fields. When the form is filled out, the site admin will be notified via email (or any email if set via the shortcode).

In addition, a notifier will display on the backend on the admin menu showing that you have pending testimonials ready for your approval.

Styling of the form fields and button comes from your theme.

[bne_testimonials_form notify=”false” category=”false”]


Beautiful Testimonial Themes

BNE testimonials Pro includes a hand full of ready made themes with options to style the message and author areas.

Simple and Default Theme

The Simple theme looks just like the default theme (v1.x) without any frame, border, background, and box-shadow styles. So this theme works great where your page is a non-white background or you need to easily add custom css to it.

[bne_testimonials layout=”list” theme=”simple” id=”177″ image_style=”circle”]

Bubble Theme

The Bubble theme styles the message area with a “chat bubble” use the new message_bg_color option to change the color of the bubble and arrow.

[bne_testimonials layout=”list” theme=”bubble” id=”173″ message_bg_color=”#000″ message_color=”#fff” image_style=”circle”]

Cards “horizontal” Theme

The Cards horizontal is the same as Cards vertical, just in a different direction. Both sides are styled and can be changed with any color value.

[bne_testimonials layout=”list” theme=”cards-h” id=”171″ image_style=”circle”]

Cards “vertical” Theme

The Cards vertical is the same as Cards horizontal, just in a different direction. Both sides are styled and can be changed with any color value.

[bne_testimonials layout=”list” theme=”cards-v” id=”177″ image_style=”circle”]

Different Profile Image Styles

[bne_testimonials layout=”list”  id=”177″ image_style=”square”]

[bne_testimonials layout=”list” id=”177″ image_style=”circle”]

[bne_testimonials layout=”list” id=”177″ image_style=”flat-square”]

[bne_testimonials layout=”list” id=”177″ image_style=”flat-circle”]