The Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

A couple of years ago I was watching the Oprah Show and saw an amazing speech by Dr. Randy Pausch. It was a summary of the last lecture he gave at Carnegie Mellon University where he was a professor. ┬áHe gave his last lecture on 18 September 2007. His entire presentation focused on ‘ Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams’. He talked about the lessons he learned in live and he gave his students advice on how to achieve their own childhood dreams, career and personal wise.

I really like the lecutre that professor Pausch held it truly is inspiring. It makes you want to go after your childhood dreams and hit down those brick walls.

I hope you will be inspired by his words as much as I am.

For the short version that was on Oprah check out the video below.

Or if you’ve got an hour to spare (believe me, it’s worth it) check out the full lecture below.

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